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Overdraft credit facility (upto 30 days)

Your company needs to make an urgent and unexpected payment. You don't have enough funds at your bank account. By the help of this facility you may send your payment instruction to us, we will execute your payment within your overdraft limit. Your overdraft credit willl be automatically closed when you receive funds to your account. We determine your overdraft limit together with you, based on your average monthly turnover thru our bank.

Working Capital facility (from 30 upto 180 days)
It is often very difficult to know beforehand when your clients will pay to you. Your suppliers on the other hand always push you to pay upon delivery or sometimes in advance. This facility is designed to assist you to plan your cash flow more effectively and close the gaps between your receivables and payments. The facility works as a credit line that you can re-open after partial or full re-payment, with a simple application each time you want to use it. A very flexible credit facility that is fully controlled by yourselves.

Business Development finance facility (from 6 months upto 3 years)
When a business starts to grow and expand, owners usually find it difficult to find funds to feed this growth. Owners usually start to use the funds in the business or even worse they start using short term credits to fund this growth. In both cases business soon starts to have problems with liquidity, with increased operational costs and may end up slowing down, thus leaving the market to a competitor. This facility is especially designed for companies that are growing and need longer term funds to support this growth. You may use the funds under this facility to expand your business, without touching your liquidity and working capital.

Fixed Asset finance facility (from 6 months upto 3 years)
This facility is very similar to leasing and can be used to finance a real estate asset, transport vehicle, equipment for your services or production as well as manufacturing. We usually take the asset we finance as collateral, and determine a payment graphic in line with your cash flow requirements. We may arrange a grace period of upto 6 months, with no payment under principle of the credit.

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