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ProCommerce Bank completed 2013 with solid growth and stable financial results
  • Despite signs of a slowing economy in 2013, ProCommerce Bank successfully completed the year with robust growth in all major financial results when compared with the previous year; Operational Income increased by 21% reaching Rub 142.8 million, Net Interest Income by 25% to Rub 72.2 million and Commission Income by 22% to Rub 72.2 million.  
  • Overall performance of the bank, Income before Taxes increased by 48% and reached Rub 16.6 million, our best performance during 7 year history of the bank.
  • Main business model of the bank continued to be servicing and financing Small and Medium size enterprises (SMEs), mainly formed with Turkish and Russian capital investments. 
  • While the overall size of bank assets didn’t change considerably, internal structure of assets as well as the maturity matching of assets and liabilities improved fundamentally.  This enabled the bank to improve its profitability while considerably reducing associated balance sheet mismatch risks.
  • Total Gross Loans increased by 19.4% and exceeded Rub 563 million, where ratio of Non-performing Loans remained at 2.35%, well below industry average of 6-7%.  Bank covered 100% of such loans with reserves and overall reserve coverage ratio stood at 5.14% of all loans.
  • Time Deposits increased by 60% reaching Rub 108.4 million, and average customer balances at current accounts reached Rub 400,6.
  • Off-Balance sheet commitments mainly as letters of guarantee issued for construction projects and trading firms also increased by 19% and reached Rub 177.7 million at the end of 2013.
  • Shareholders’ Equity increased by 4% and exceeded Rub 310.8 million.
  • Efficiency ratio of the bank, calculated as the coverage ratio of commission income to operational expenses also reached 66%, which is well above industry average.
  • As of the end of 2013 the Capital Adequacy ratio stood at level of 35,2 % giving bank amplitude opportunity to grow its business further without the need of any capital increase.
By September 30st, 2013 the Bank’s asset size reached 721.2 million rubles, customer balances and deposits entrusted with the bank exceeded 353.7 million rubles. 
     At the same time, Shareholder’s equity reached 309.6 million rubles.
As per the internal rating system of the Central Bank of Russia, ProCommerce Bank preserved its position among 2nd group of most stable banks, together with other Turkish bank subsidiaries active in Russia.

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Date: 18.07.2024
Source: ЦБ РФ

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